Sweeten up Any Event with the Taste of the Mediterranean

Delicious Middle Eastern Desserts and Sweets Delivered Right To Your Door

middle eastern desserts

Middle Eastern Desserts

Introducing Holy Land Sweets, a line of the finest and most delicious Traditional Middle Eastern Sweets. The recipe, based on tradition and the cultural heritage of middle eastern sweets, has been perfected over generations to provide authentic high-quality desserts that will transport you to the Middle East.

Our confectionary desserts are baked fresh daily from the highest quality and finest ingredients of pistachios, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, filo dough, rose water and pure butter.

"Holy Land Sweets is the single best option for authentic baklava that I've ever found in the US. They source all of their ingredients straight from the Middle East and the bakers really understand what it takes to get it just right. I buy boxes and boxes and give them away as gifts!"
John D.
St. Louis, MO

Original Flavors of Old World Cuisine

Holy Land Sweets has a mission to continuously provide high quality, authentic middle eastern desserts to satisfy consumer tastes while maintaining authenticity and innovative food manufacturing.

Our aim is to share our passion with you as you celebrate throughout all walks of life, guaranteeing that these specialty desserts the perfect addition for any occasion.